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To license Skatter, enter the serial that was provided to you when you purchased Skatter, then click on Activate.

Alternatively, you can use the offline activation. - Click on "Offline activation". - Copy the Request code - Navigate to - Enter your License Serial and the Request code, then click on "Generate activation code" - Copy the Activation code, then go back to Skatter - Enter the Activation code, and click on Activate


Do not compute disabled setups at startup : This prevents disabled setups in the Render List to be computed at SketchUp startup. They will be computed once they are enabled in the Render List.

Default time before "Abort?" popup : This defines the default time that will run before Skatter asks you if you want to abort the current calculation. This value will be used for new setups only. After creation, each setup keeps its own time.

Library custom paths


Here you can choose the language of the Skatter UI. By default, it uses the same as Sketchup, if a translation in that language exists, otherwise it's displayed in english. You can force the language by chosing in the list.

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